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Jesus doesn’t like luke warm


For the last 3 hours I have been trying to get hot water for hot chocolate and Christy’s coffee. No luck. Classic “you can get it over there” responses from workers. Trip is going well beside it is near impossible to get ice or hot water. The two extremes of life and we are stuck with empty coffee cups and luck warm juice.

Conductors log#3



well we woke up to the big sky. The lakes and mountains are so great. Didn’t sleep the best. Amelia crashed on two seats while Christy and Samuel took another pair. Elliot and I rustled all night and got up at first sun.

At the Spokane stop we got our seats with power and now are figuring out what movies to watch. Anything to drown out the couple behind us talking about the same thing over and over.

you could pay more but why?


Our Amtrak adventure is costing us $1050 for the tickets. Many have asked if we would be getting a sleeping car. Our response has always been it doesn’t pay to get a sleeping car. You could fly and get a car for cheaper. So we are going coach…or is that couch? Either way you don’t get this type of space or legroom on a plane.

Settling in for the night I am just thinking to myself that I could have paid more…but why. This gives you the experience and a good story. My story might change in the morning, but for now I am glad to be embracing the dark of the eastern washington sky on these tracks.

Conductors log #2


We have taken the Everett to Leavenworth drive many times. This is a must see afternoon sunny drive for those from out of town. Experiencing it on the train is very different. Many times you are right in the middle of the forest and it seems like you can just reach out and touch the branches. There are other times when you feel like you are hovering over the river and about to fall in.

We are on the top level of the steamer which makes it feel like a much smoother ride. It was a bit rougher when we went down the steps to the bathrooms. Just found out the gentleman behind us are getting off in spocompton so we jockeyed the older kids back a few rows so we can pounce on. Those seats come 12am.

Samuel is already on his 18th different thing, which could make for a long trip

conductors log #1



Well we are off. Got onto the train with no problems. After a bit of chair shuffling we got settled in by Monroe WA. The two oldest are together and Christy is with Samuel. We have cracked the homemade carmel corn we got from the Corwins and we are mixing it with beef jerky. Christy spilled her drink on her lap..so she will be a bit sticky.
Also just found out there is only one plugin by us…right behind us and a really big man is currently using it. When he falls asleep I will come in with extension cord.

Ahh this weather

This is poetic justice. The summer weather is finally here as we are leaving town. I had to turn the chicken lights off because they were getting too hot. Tin roof and all.


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