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Conductors log #5


This was the long day and if we were to break it would have been today. But we didn’t. Oh yes I understand, as you do, that our kids are perfect and can find amusement out of anything. So endless praires and a random rusted out car alongside of the road was childs play for them to produce entertainment.

Elliot and I had a good time dreaming up what it would be like if we lived out in the middle of nowhere and had endless acres to work. We decide it would be too much work but it would be cool to have dirt bikes and atvs.

We did finally break down and pull the computers out to watch a movie. They were dissapointed to have to stop drawing on the Amtrak napkins but they gave into my idea of family bonding. The girls watch an old Survivor episode (exile island for those that care) and us boys settled in for a James Bond classic, the Man With the Golden Gun. Major mistake. I guess I remember Bond being so cool when I was young.

Oh well our first parenting mistake on the trip. So with benadryl in our stomachs and each of us getting two seats each, we say goodnight. Pray that no one gets on until Minneapolis so we can keep our seats.

I am not tired


Samuel after eating his lunch insisted he was not tired and just wanted to eat snacks. Kids aren’t as smart as they used to be.


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