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Red Rock Chapel in the Hill

While we were in Sedona we stopped off at the Chapel in the Hill. It is a Catholic Church built right into the Red Rock Mountain. We got there right when it opened and were sharing the space with a Baptist Church tour group from Georgia. These guys of course could not obtain from talking as the signs suggested.  While I was sitting in silence they broke out in a rousing choirs of ‘To God be the Glory’.  I had to join in which was to the delight of the ladies. (they said they have been missing a good bass voice on the trip)

If you are in Sedona check this place out as it has the best views of the mountains and lots of natural vegetation. If there are no tour groups it might also prove to be a nice place of quiet.

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Red Rocks and open skies

We spent a couple days outside of Sedona AZ. This was our launching spot for our trip to the canyon and other local sites. This part of the nation has a small spot where there are red rock mountains. These are all very fascinating and many different colors reflect as the sun moves. The town of Sedona is your classic tourist town with shops and places to eat. Christy and I spent most of one day just sitting at a local coffee shop that over looked a stream and had the mountains in the backdrop. We were under shade because is was a sunny 98degrees. Dry heat of course.

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