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Garden not ready outside..but still started inside.

2013-04-15 13.29.20

AGrowingFamily is back doing what got this blog started years ago talking about…gardening. Here in our staging area for the seed starts. Given that we still have snow on the ground I am starting all the seeds a few weeks later than what is recommended. I got some peppers, broccoli  several different tomatoes and various herbs growing.

I would love to show you pictures of the garden but I don’t have it tilled, fenced or even close to being ready because of the several feet of snow still in the spot where it is going. I am a bit worried that my soil will not be up to speed like I wanted but will deal with that on the fly.

As for now I wait in anticipation as these little guys start sprouting in the light of the southern window.

2013-04-15 13.29.32

Mid June Garden Updates

The rain is pouring endlessly and the sun isn’t shining. Which makes for good growing for somethings and not others. My lettuce and peas are doing well. The cucumbers and cantaloupe are no shows.  Check out some of the happenings in yard this week. 

Handful of lettuce


banana peppers popping


coming soon to a salsa near you

Wordless Weekend

first pepper popping out for the season


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