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September Book Sales..Ride On

10 copies where given to support a breast cancer fundraiser my MA was involved with..These ladies need a motorcycle.

10 copies were given to support a breast cancer fundraiser my MA was involved with..These ladies need a motorcycle.

Going to be sharing for a couple more month how my book sales are going. I wanted to give aspiring self published authors an open view into my sales for them to have a bench mark. Most authors don’t share this information for various reason but I got nothing to hide and nothing to brag about. Just a few books out the door. I am really grateful for each of you that have help promote my first offering.

Here are the books I have in distribution for the month of September with the total amount in parenthesis…

Amazon Paperback: 3 (128)
Kindle Ebook: 56 (449)
Kindle Borrowed: 13 (86)
Kindle Free Giveaway: 0 (6867)
Paperback Personally Sold: 0 (274)
Paperback Free Giveaway: 10 (208)
Books in circulation 82 (8012)

I don’t know where we are going but I can lead!

2013-09-07 13.22.09It was a nice Saturday morning and I was up early to work in the garden. Potatoes, peas, and carrots were in order for the day. While I was out there enjoying life my father in law, Bill, shows up on his motorcycle.  He said he was there to pick up an apple mill to make sauce for his wife. I think he came to remind me of what days like this were for, riding a motorcycle.

He left as quick as he came, but an hour later the call came. Him and Mark were going for a ride. “Was I in?”.  Of course I was, the zucchini could wait. Given the heat level I kept my full face helmet off and enjoyed the wind of my shield-less Vulcan.  Mark had a half helmet that I tried and quickly took off because of the lift and extreme noise it was creating.

What a great ride with my two favorite riding partners. We stopped at the Wolf River at one point and as we were leaving, Mark asked if I wanted to lead. On most rides he leads, because he knows every road and I am the sweeper so I can pick up things Bill drops along the way. (yes I did turn around to get his glasses that flew out of his pocket) I looked at him and said, “I don’t know where we are going but of course I could lead”.

I love riding because when you are out with your gang it doesn’t really matter where you are going. Like Frodo leaving Rivendale I got to the T and just picked a way. We made our way to White Lake Wi to ride by the 60 people that live in that town hanging out at the beach.  We came into the deserted town to find a young teen doing circles in the middle of the intersection. We asked him where the best burger in town was and with a point over his shoulder he said, “Black Bear”.

With a stop for a late lunch and the reminder that you should always get the home fries we were off back home.  The last 20 miles I switch bikes with Bill because I hadn’t yet got to ride his Sabre. It was a sweet ride for me. When we pulled into the driveway the first words out of Bill’s month were, “God made windshields and He said they are good! That was a lot of work with the shield gone.”

That is the way I like it!

Successful Giveaway of free eBook


Friends, I was totally blown away with the response to my recent free eBook giveaway. At the end of July I had just over 2000 books in circulation and to say thanks I wanted to give the eBook out for free the first five days of August. Given my previous free days I thought I might give out around 500. Well it went live and I went camping with our family and friends for the weekend. 

I was shocked when I went to the van and looked at my phone to see how it was doing a day in. I would glance a few more times over the weekend to notice I would be going well over my goal. I ended the five days giving out 5822 eBooks of Ride On!  (one went to someone in Spain!)

The cool thing was that the book started charting on Amazon’s Bestseller lists. Out of the 100′s of thousands books on Amazon there it was on a list. Since I was out in the woods of the U.P. I was not able to take a screen shot. So my friend Brandon (@bcthegeek) at “The Simple Math of Grace”  took a couple of shots. (check out his blog)

Ride On charted at #8 on spirituality, #22 on nonfiction,  #74 for all books.  Check out who I was next too most of the weekend, Ten Shades and the Bible.  Thanks again friends for sharing and helping the message of Ride On reach more.  We are on our way to 10,000 in circulation!

Blog Tour for Ride On : Stop #3

Friends here is a link to another interview I did with Adam Bradley on his blog about my book Ride On.  Adam is the kind and excellent fellow who did the cover layout for my book. He got a chance to ask me a couple of questions about the inside.  Check out his book, Adventures of a stay at home dad.   He book recently just went live on Amazon.   I actually did a interview with him about his book a few months back. 

Blog Tour for Ride On…Stop #2

My friend Phil Zarns had me stop by his blog to talk about Ride On. He got a few questions in and we cut it off. He is from Sweden (actually MN put married a Swedish gal and they do lots over there.) He also wrote a great book about Music and Faith. It is the only book I know that you listen to a song while you read. It called ‘The Soundtrack of Your Life’. 

Check out our interview here…  Check out the rest of his blog while you are there. He has great stuff to share!


Author Interview: Ride On: A Motorcycle Journey to Awake your Soul and Rediscover its Maker


Here is an blog that I was featured on.. Thanks Jeff

Originally posted on anti-itch meditation:

A friend of mine and fellow pastor, Joseph Fehlen, has recently written a book about becoming a motorcyclist and some of the thoughts about Jesus it has inspired. I enjoyed the book and would like to do my part in promoting it.

I did an interview with him and here are the results:

In two sentences explain your book and in one sentence tell why a complete stranger should read it
It is a story about my journey of becoming a motorcyclist and the lessons I learned about life, faith, and things that really matter. (Can I use my second sentence and add it to the why you should read it? Wait I just wrote three sentences. )

Tough break. Since you’ve become a “Biker” how many people have you shot or mugged? Have you broken any bar stools over anyone’s head in a fight?
I have never broken any…

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