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MeatLover’s Fest is set…

ChickenWings….and has been for the last 16 years.

We started this when we worked North Central University and noticed that over the Memorial Weekend our neighborhood was extremely quiet and peaceful.  All our neighbors left to camp, be with family, or just go for a drive. That is when we thought we would invite the few students that were around for summer school and not gone for the weekend over.

What to cook? Well I decided to cook three turkeys. Two on the grill and one in the oven. The first year wasn’t technically all meat but that is when the idea came. We invited people back the next year and have ever since. We have been in four states and each of the them have had their unique take on the event. We are grateful for new and old friend and invite you again to come over.

Bring a stab of meat and I will cook it on one of the grills.  Or fill your crock pot full of yummy goodness.  We will see you on the shores of the Wisconsin River.


The Official 2013 Invite (surprising like the previous 5 years)

MeatLovers Fest is on!

MeatLoversSaveTheDateEnlarge….Print….Put on Fridge.


See you for the opening of summer.

Post MeatLovers Motorcycle Ride

After MeatLovers Fest last weekend I got to go on a motorcycle ride with my uncles Steve and Greg as well as my Aunt Mary and Cousin Katie.  My Uncle Greg rode my Vulcan. He owns a Goldwing with a side car so the two wheel version was tricky for him to get at first, but by the end we were rolling down the highway.  We took  the back river road north from our house and then Hwy 47 back into Rhinelander.  Aunt Mary rode with her husband Steve and Cousin Katie rode with me.

MeatLovers Fest 2012

We had a great 15th annual MeatLovers Fest this year in Wisconsin. The rain held off until later in the afternoon and we had a full yard. Lots of creativity this year with desserts and meat selections. It was also great to have my father (first time ever), 6 uncles/aunts and 2 cousins come this year.

Handicap and Motorcycle parking this year at MeatLovers Fest

We are stepping it up a bit this year in the parking realm for MeatLovers Fest. We have two handicap parking spots for those that might need it for this event. Also will have motorcycle parking in garage. Got 12 other lined spots and the rest of the guest are going to have to fend for themselves on the street.

MeatLovers Fest Explained in Video

Some are still confused as to what MeatLovers Fest is about.  Here is a good video to explain.  Remember all items must be at least 55% meat if you are bringing a dish to pass.  If you bring raw meat to cook on the grill that works also.  See you May 26!


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