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Punching the Mancard is live!

Punching the Mancard Front Cover

Punching the Mancard Front Cover

Friends thanks for keeping up to date about my next story that I have just released. It is called Punching the Mancard: A Young Hunter’s Journey to Find Himself.  It was just going to be a couple paragraph introduction to a book I am working on called Nine Arrows which is written more in the fashion of Ride On.  Well I got writing and that introduction turned into a much longer story that doesn’t have the elements or flow of what Nine Arrows will be. So I thought why be hindered by what I thought it should be?  Why not just write a good story? That is what I endeavored to do in this story of growing up in Wisconsin.

If you what to read the book jacket description check out this blog.

You can buy a Kindle ebook version or paperback at these links.  If you are an Amazon Prime member you can borrow the book for free and also get free shipping on the paperback. As an added bonus if you buy the paperback you can purchase the ebook for $.99 afterwards.  Wow the deals are just flowing.

Thanks for all the support and I hope you enjoy journey.

Punching the Mancard : Description

Friends it is getting really close to release of my next book. It is a short story called, Punching the Mancard.  Here is the description that is going on the back cover and online.  What do you think?  Want to look at cover options and vote for your favorite?  Check out this blog. 

In this reminiscent short story, Joseph Fehlen shares a tale of growing up in Northern Wisconsin and his 25-year adventure to break free from adolescence by finally succeeding at the annual rite of passage—deer hunting.  The journey starts in the farmlands of western Wisconsin and ends in the north woodland. Along the way, he meets a group of memorable characters, some who wish him ill will and still others that want to push him along this continuum into manhood.  

Punching the Mancard, brings the reader right into real-life situations of pain, triumph, and, sometimes, utter boredom.  As Joseph becomes a hunter, relationships are renewed and others are forged as mentors and friends teach him about life, family, friends, and what really matters: Following rules; wind direction; big racks; and the importance of the national holiday, the Wisconsin Deer Hunting Season. 

Second Deer down..Had my good luck son with

samuel deer2

Seven days after my first deer of the bow season and the next time I went out we bagged another one. My son Samuel came out with me again and I guess he is good luck. He thinks that you should get a deer every time you are in the stand.

Given the fact we are going out this Saturday for the youth mentor gun hunt I hope he is right!

Son Tracks a Deer

2013-09-15 18.46.59Went out last Sunday night bow hunting with Samuel. The rest of the family was out of town and I wanted to give him an opportunity to be in the woods. The first weekend in October him and I will be participating in the Wisconsin youth hunt. So I went to my bow hunting stand and he settled in all by himself in our gun stand we are going to use.

I wanted to leave the house around four in the afternoon so that our time out there would not be overwhelming for him. He wanted to leave right after church and we compromised around two pm. Samuel is one of the few people in the world who even knows where my gun stand is located. It is under such good cover that you could walk by it all day long and not see its location.

So I got him settled in to his seat and made my way back with word for him to stay put until seven pm.  An hour later I glanced out my side widow to see this deer-like trot of my ten-year old coming towards me. I motioned for him to stop 20 yards away.  “Dad my walkie-talkie is dead.” came his loud whisper. I already figure that out since we couldn’t communicate and let him know that would be fine.  Off he went bouncing back.

An hour later I heard a noise under my platform and got my bow ready as the sound got stronger. Scratching the ladder on the other side of my door was not a bear like I first thought, but Samuel again. With my head out the window, “Dad, I just finished my book!”  I affirmed his diligence and spirit of excitement and more strongly encouraged him to not move from his stand until seven pm. Off he bounced like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.

Thinking my whole evening is over because of the commotion I pulled out my crossword puzzle for a nice quiet evening. Then out of the corner of my eye an hour later I saw movement. And give grace and agility I stood up from my chair and hid behind the door as I readied my weapon all the while peeking out the window at two deer.  I can only shot one doe on this land in a year and wasn’t planning on doing it this early in the season.

But with Samuel near by I decided there is no better time than now.  Bow drawn back and the appropriate site marker in my peep-hole. Count to three and let go. The arrow went through the air and I knew my intended target was hit. It took off to the left. Most of the time you are to wait for up to thirty minutes before you track a deer, but I couldn’t.  I was out of my stand and walking down to get Samuel within seconds.

“You want to track a deer buddy?”
“Let’s go dad!”

And we were back up to the kill zone where the arrow was lodged in the ground red with blood. It went all the way through and I was positive it was a good location. I gave some instructions to my new tracking recruit and I let him lead the way through the dense trees and under growth.  Within minutes he was standing over the downed deer so very excited that he actually found it.

We won’t talk about the field dressing part. He made it through but didn’t care much for that part even though he took a picture of the guts on the ground. (I won’t post that one)

The joy of hunting on black Friday.

The best hunting happens every year on black Friday. So many people are out on the streets so the woods are calm and still for us to stock our prey. We found a good one. Just need to bring home and process..the joys of hunting.







Bow Hunting = Playing Blackjack

My theory goes like this: Bow hunting and playing Blackjack at the casinos is kind of the same.  Both involve traveling to a place with the lure that you will win big. You then sit around for hours staring in one place and concentrating intently as if that will help you succeed. The whole time you are there you trick yourself into thinking that the next moment will produce the payout.

When the perfect opportunity comes up right in front of you, your lack of experience makes you panic and a wrong move is made. You are left with nothing, but lost money, time and stories of how close you were. What you do get is a sore butt.

But will I return to my chair hoping beyond hope that tonight will be the night?…or course.

Here are a couple of pictures of my view from 20 feet in the air and a little doe that I let walk around me for an hour one night. Why she couldn’t smell or hear me and all the bigger ones do, is baffling to me.


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