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This year’s garden

It is a small garden but it will have to do this year. We will not be around much this summer so this will fun to have a few things coming up.


Floating Raft in the H2O

Well the floating raft is in the water and has gotten a couple uses in the last day. A good number of young men came over, with the lure of steaks off the grill, to help. We then hung out on it afterwards. We have a couple tie offs so the kayaks and canoe can hook up. Thanks guys and we will see you for dinner sometime in September!  What to see some of the design of how I built it? Check it out here.



Floating Barrel Raft

Well another project is underway. The ice came off the water quick this year so I got this one going last week.  Got my design from http://www.instructables.com/id/Floating-Dock-with-Barrels.  I am following most instructions. However, i am not including the beer or the eye hooks. I am just drinking water and drilling holes in the wood to loop the rope.  Got free barrels from our local soda pop distributor.  It is really heavy so will need a few people to help bring to lake (and probable a few more to get it out).  Dreaming up an anchoring system that is attached to the middle of raft underneath, but still easy to raise and lower without going under the raft. Also will need to buy a dock ladder. So should have about $200 in it when it is all done.

Here is what we have thus far.





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