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Great Big Ditch Tour : Grand Canyon

We had no idea what we were going to experience while visiting the Grand Canyon. I kind of expected to look at it and then just go home.  When we arrived we checked out the visitor center and watched a video. We thought it was really funny that they could tell us how the canyon was formed 2.5 billion years ago with such great detail but were a bit sketchy about when the indigenous people arrived just a couple thousand years ago.  Either way the canyon is quite a marvel of God’s handiwork.

We checked out the main view-point behind the center then walked about a mile west along the sidewalk. We then caught the bus back to our car and went on our own tour. We rode all the way to the East entrances of the park to the desert tower and those were some of our favorite views. After leaving the park in different way from where we entered we worked our way down to Historic Flagstaff for dinner. They were having their monthly art walk. It was a fun night of watching people and hearing great music.

Can’t View Video?  Link Here

Radiator Springs : Williams AZ

On our way to the Grand Canyon we stopped off at Williams AZ. This is said to be the last town on Route 66 that got bypassed by the Interstate Highway in 1984.  We didn’t plan on checking it out but felt led to stop. It was a great little town that we are told the creators of cars checked out to get some ideas for Radiator Springs.  We got some chicken at Safeway and head out on our way to the Canyon.


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