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worms on the move again

Well we have had endless rain in Washington which as made my new worm composter become water-logged.  The slugs have been in full force and my wood is already not handling not being able to dry out.  So after getting 6 pounds of more worms from my friend at www.northwestwigglers.com I moved my worms.  We have a one door metal shed on our property where I keep the lawn mower. I put the worm box on the other side.  I think they will like this much better and should be able to keep them warmer in the winter.

On a side note I got two five gallon buckets of horse manure from my mom’s friend for my garden. We will see if this helps my soil a bit. But while going through the manure I got about another two pounds of red worms out of the poop.  If you want to get a little dirty and have the hook ups this is always an option to start your composter.  Otherwise save yourself the struggle and get them online.

Now it looks like I have a casket in my shed.

I turned up the paper and there they were.

2010 Compost Tour stop #3

Holy composters Batman.   I went to a graduation party of a girl in our church and what did I see to my hearts joy and inspiration. A roller tumbler canister of goodness. I had never seen one like this and I would venture to guess that many of you have not seen a live version of this black gold maker. 

It is a big hard plastic container that is on gears so that you can turn it with a crank shaft and tumbling wumbling the inside gets stirred up. There is a trap door that can be open to access the compost.

This one is crazy cool. 

Worms on the move

It didn’t take me too long to figure out that where I had the composter was going to get far too hot and I would end up with friend green worms.  So I am putting the massive amount of my neighbors blackberries to work for me and using them as an umbrella. They also double as a nice spot to lean the lid on.  The worms are doing great..still a little shy for the camera.

To the left of the door


Sheltered by the blackberries


flattening the land for a goat


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