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Spruce the Coop…I won something!

Nest 1

I was reading The Chicken Chick blog the other day. I try to stop by Kathy’s site frequently to stay up to date and motivated about being a chickenier  (I don’t think that is a word but I like it)  She has one of the most extensive networks and seems to be ahead of the curve on the life of the chicken and love her stuff.
Well I was reading this particular blog about putting herbs in the coop and nesting boxes and the great benefits that it has for the chickens and pest control. She has developed Spruce the Coop Herbal Fusion™.   It has the following items Bay leaves, Calendula petals, Catnip, Chamomile (Egyptian), Cinnamon chips, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Orange peel granules, Oregano, Peppermint, Rose petals, Spearmint, Tansy, and Wormwood.  Please check out her site to see more…it all really cool.

Well I have always appreciated what she writes and how she is such a resource to this particular community so I left a note on her blog (which is nice to do on people’s blogs every once in awhile. Hint. Hint) Here is what I said,

Thanks for all you share into the chicken community. Hoping to get my second coop up after the snow melts!
A few days later I got a twitter and email message saying I won a sachet of the fusion! I didn’t even know I was entering a contest when I left the note.  Well I won anyway and she sent me a really nice gift. I am really excited to get the coop up now and see how the ladies like the mix. That is if I don’t brew it over hot water and make a nice tea with it. It smells amazing!
Thanks Kathy.

Snow or not my girls need a home


There continues to be a steady outpour of snow here in the Northwoods but that cant stop me from getting my 20 chicks a better home. They are still doing great in the garage pen i set up but progress is still needed. These are my plans for the coop. My friend helped me lay it all out on the computer. Those that are local can probably figure out who would put a chicken coop through their CAD program. He has been such a great friend. Today I am filling up the back of the van with some lumber and will start building the walls in the garage very soon. If the snow stays any longer i might need some help chicksitting at your house.

Chickens are out

When we got home from Wisconsin we started to let our chickens out into the run for the day. We are growing a four of them for a friend so the hen-house is a bit small for them now that they are bigger. They have been loving it outside.  Eating food out of our hand is still a favorite past time.   

cool things about chickens is that they go to sleep at night without you telling them.  The fist night they were in the run they started to next down on the ground so I got in the pen and helped them to go up the run. The second night the white Amerucana tried to round them up the steps and one didn’t want to go. I help her up via the outside door. This was a mistake, because the next night she was clueless of what to do.  So I got inside the cage and put her in the right door.  

Now like clockwork I go outside at 9pm and they are already inside the house waiting for my to close the door to the run. One night I was out late and wondering if they would stay in the house with the door open or not. I got home at 10 and they were asleep.  Good chicks!  


This whiter one is ring leader


Girl you will be a women soon

Neil Diamond knew it well when he sang the song, “girl you will be a women soon”. I think he wrote them for his chickens he had on his farm.  Our girls are growing every day.  We already have our favorites picked out and hope they are not roosters. Once we find out which ones might be roosters we will get rid of them and give the rest to our friend Edwardo who will be raising chickens. He is taking care of our Pig we own so the least I can do is watch a few of his chickens. 

Yes that is right we are pig owners. Our pigs name is Fat Charley.  I hope to post pictures soon of our boar.

New Babies Room

So the plan today is to fill this Rubbermaid Tupperware with little chickens today. My local Everett Coop is planning on receiving three different types of chicken.  Ameraucana, Rhode Island and Plymouth Rock are the options they plan on getting.  Brooder boxes come in all different sizes but they don’t have to be anything special. The main thing is heat and keeping the lamp close enough to keep them warm, but not over heated. As they get older you need to raise the light.  


A home with no residents

Coop It Up

I don’t have permission yet to have chicken with my local homeowners association, but I am a man of faith. So I am completing the coop project.  Once our endless rain lets up and the wood dries I need to stain it. I also need to attach the metal roof. Check out the photos and let me know what you think.  I plan on getting my new baby chickens on Wednesday. 

egg and main door open

Run door open

this is the hatch door open so the girls can get out and about in the yard

yard door closed

double perch

nesting box with back door open


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