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Keeping the wheels down (Honda cb360)

Well the CB360 is coming along. I have said all along that I am not sure it will ever go down the road, but I want it to at least look good.  The look good part is because of my son, Elliot. He is the artistic designer and I like where he is going. We recently took our painted wheels into the Honda shop and got them mounted with new tires.  Also fixed the fork seals and got them up to speed, with the help of Grandpa Bill and the Honda Shop.

Here is where we are thus far. We plan on painting the engine soon and getting it down in our basement for the winter wiring experiment.   Wish us luck Elliot and I grow together on this project.


Tires getting a face lift

I guess we decided to take apart the tires next on this rebuild. They looked “ok” from the outside but internally they were a rust mess. Going to clean them up, sand off the rust and then paint black.  Going to be ordering new tires soon as this will be our first big purchase for this make over. Not sure the engine works but we are getting tires. That is what I call faith.

Honda Cb360 Frame Primer

A couple coats of primer have been put on the frame of the cb360. Still not sure what color we are going to do but leaning towards a silver frame, black engine and blue tank and accents.

CB360 Paint Striping

Finished grinding the tank, air filter covers, and chain guard this weekend. It has a rough finish that we kind of like. Debating if we buff it down to get a smooth finish or go with the scratched look which might look real cool with the paint job. Probable going with a silver frame, black engine, and dark purple metallic for the tank and accents…

The difference is stunning.

Check out the difference

Grinding the Frame (Video)

Took the day off today to do some projects around the house and this was one of them. It has been in the woods for many years so taking all the paint off and grinding down the rust.  Don’t ask me what color it will be because that is my son’s departments.


CB360 : Motor out

Well that was trickier than I thought it should be, but my youngest and I got the motor out.  We are still not sure this motor will work or not.  When I got the carborator off a good amount of old gas exited on the floor. The whole garage and into the house has a nice smell now.
What I have learned thus far is that you should invest in a nice set of tools.  I have already busted three pieces of my new set of $10 sockets. Cheap in tools means just that, cheap.




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