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Girl you will be a women soon

Neil Diamond knew it well when he sang the song, “girl you will be a women soon”. I think he wrote them for his chickens he had on his farm.  Our girls are growing every day.  We already have our favorites picked out and hope they are not roosters. Once we find out which ones might be roosters we will get rid of them and give the rest to our friend Edwardo who will be raising chickens. He is taking care of our Pig we own so the least I can do is watch a few of his chickens. 

Yes that is right we are pig owners. Our pigs name is Fat Charley.  I hope to post pictures soon of our boar.

These girls rule

We took a morning trip to the Everett Coop to pick up the newly arrived chickens.  That was a bit stressful as we stood there and talked with Josh about which chickens would be the best. I didn’t have my notebook with and my head was swimming with how many eggs they produce, what color the eggs are, how aggressive the chickens were, etc, etc, etc. 

I could tell I was a rookie chicken man this morning.

So we got Five Ameraucana (from hence forth these will be known as Americano), three Barred Rock which grow into very nice black and white striped adults and Two Rhode Island Reds which Christy has fallen in love with already.  They were shipped in from some far off land in the morning so they were very undertandable tired.  It took me a bit to figure the perfect height and location of the lights and after their nap they all seem very happy.   


My Chick with the chicks


10 little chicks in a box


They loved to charge up to the camera and check it out.


New Babies Room

So the plan today is to fill this Rubbermaid Tupperware with little chickens today. My local Everett Coop is planning on receiving three different types of chicken.  Ameraucana, Rhode Island and Plymouth Rock are the options they plan on getting.  Brooder boxes come in all different sizes but they don’t have to be anything special. The main thing is heat and keeping the lamp close enough to keep them warm, but not over heated. As they get older you need to raise the light.  


A home with no residents


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