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Day of skiing with 5th graders

Happy to hang with his dad

I got to spend last Friday with the fifth graders of Rhinelander at Ski Brule in Upper Michigan. The last time I went skiing was 13 years ago at Breckenridge CO. I had a great time with my son and his friends and only fell once. It wasn’t my fault, but you wouldn’t believe me if I told the story…

Here are couple pictures and videos.


Addie is a friend of AGrowingFamily and has a great story to share about losing a child. If you have ever been effected by this I would encourage you to get around others that can help and support. Blessings.

Originally posted on Ellie's Hope:

I wanted to share my story for a couple of reasons. One reason is that although I am a mother without a child now, I still want the world to know how beautiful my daughter was. The second reason being that I want the world to know how good God has been through this whole ordeal and the hope that Chris and I have grasped onto through it all. This blog is about my journey through these dark days. I only hope it is a blessing and encouragement to those that need it, much like the blogs I follow with similar stories.

It is hard to know where to start but I guess there is no better place than the moment we found out I was pregnant: it was crazy. We got pregnant after only one or two tries. I was shocked but I think Chris was actually speechless. We…

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This is great advice from my friends young daughter for anyone that speaks in public..

Originally posted on Kelly Tshibaka:

“Mom, don’t you think it’s weird that when you preach everyone just stares at you blankly?”

Her advice on how I can improve:
1. Don’t start with “Fun Lady”, being all funny and happy
2. Start your sermon
3. When everyone’s bored, give them a break so they can make fun of you–but don’t worry about it.
4. Then have them sit down again. Continue the sermon. When they get bored again, don’t give them a break this time. Instead, dump all the “fun” on them at that point. If you pour out all the fun in the beginning, then they’re bored the rest of the sermon. So save it for the end.

Thanks, Button…

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