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Roosevelt Library Update

I have picked up a couple new Theodore Roosevelt books as of late and got the new one by Kearns Goodwin for Christmas. This makes for just over 90 volumes in my collection. I have more recently been reading books about the Roosevelt family and have been intrigued by his heritage. Churchill’s book gives a nice cursory look at the generations.

Here are the new titles as of recent: Go here for the whole listbullypulpit.

Impressions of Theodore Roosevelt (1919) Lawrence Abbott
His Soul Goes Marching On (1922) Mary Andrews
The Roosevelts, American Aristocrats (1965) Allen Churchill
The Warrior and the Priest, Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt (1983) John Milton Cooper
The Bully Pulpit, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft and the Golden Age of Journalism (2012) Doris Kearns Goodwin

Don’t tell my mom, but I got a tattoo

2013-10-29 14.55.14True story…I told my tattoo artists when I was sitting down to get my tat, “If my mother was still alive she would have figure out I am here and would bust through those doors any minute.” Then I sat down and got the deed done. 39 years of rules and expectations were laid to waste in those few minutes.  You will have to read about my families perspective on tattoos in my book, Ride On, to know the extent of what I did.

After much thought and several meetings with my new friends and tattoo artists, Jake and Azara, I got a wedding ring tattoo. The fact that I had gone through three other rings in 19 years also had a lot to play into my decision.  Christy and I have been talking about this for sometime. After many visits, I got it done at Jake’s Tattooing in Rhinelander.  I would later be told that they thought I was high the first time I came in..but later they realized I was just high on life!

Azara and I scratched down some ideas and I knew right away that she would be the one to design the ring. The problem was she doesn’t tattoo fingers, only Jake does. So in typical me fashion, I brought the whole team together to focus on this project. She would design and he would needle. This is not normal for an artist to not implement the whole project and this was their first collaboration since working together for three years.

I know it is a small piece and to those of you that have their whole bodies tattooed like my former intern Micah this is no big deal.  But to me, it is!  It could be the start to a whole life of crime now.  Especially because my mom is no longer here to stop me. 

Check out their work!  

You have enough blood to spare

2013-10-09 17.22.52Last month I had the chance to give blood. I have been trying to give at least three times per year lately. It is one of the coolest things you can do as a human being, share some blood with an unknown person. It is also really neat to meet people who have benefited from the gift of blood.

So if I can encourage you to sign up next time your office, bank, community or church does a blood drive that would be great. Don’t worry it doesn’t take much time and its loads of fun. (as you can tell by my pictures)

This also might be the last time for a while I will be able to give blood because I will be getting my first tattoo soon. That will have to be another blog but in the mean time don’t tell my parents.

The end of an era…up in smoke

2013-10-17 09.06.55Not much to say about this except that we have had this van for over ten years. As Amelia says, “It represents her childhood.”  It died a month ago and instead of taking the $230 offered to us we decided to donate to our local fire department for them to “do as they pleased”.

And that is what they did! We missed the show but saw the aftermath in the field.  I hope they had fun because I know we had lots of fun driving her all around from Florida to Washington.

Newswatch 12 book interview

morning crewI had the honor of doing a live in studio interview about my motorcycle book, Ride On, at our local NBC news channel. It was slated for 6:25am and I was invited to come a few minutes early and I wanted to see how the inside of a news program works so I did just that. I poked my head up to the window of the control room and watched for a bit then walked the hall to the studio.

After getting the ‘all clear’ sign from Hayley to come in and watch the broadcast I entered and had a seat.  What a cool experience to see the cameras, back drops, green screens, the cut in and outs, and the random comments and dance moves made by the anchors while not on screen.  I am pretty sure I would watch the news more if there was a studio camera option

The weather guy, Ryan, I met a year ago as he was at the our church donating blood for the first time and doing live feeds for the evening news. His camera man needed to head back to the studio so I got to do some video work on that piece. I am sure it is up for some news awards. He of course remembered me when I said, “hey blood donating buddy!”

Hayley and the gang do a great job producing a legitimately awesome morning news program. Today Show…what’s that? I had fun for my two minutes and 22 seconds. I have always liked it when the clock shows the same numbers, so I will take my 2:22 as a good sign!

Got to also meet Lauren who is super cool. On my way out I noticed a huge trophy on her desk. Which is passed around to the workers who do extraordinary work. It was for her competitive edge and determination she showed at the local mash potato eating contest several weeks. The competition was so amazing no one has even come close to doing anything as grand to get the trophy off her desk.

Ok enough of my yapping…here is the video. And for those that see me live on a regular basis I think you will be shocked to noticed where my hands are most of the time. It was hard but I did it.

Oddest rest-stops

And for the oddest rest stop award…I don’t even have to wait until the end of the trip.

Somewhere in the hills of southern Oregon this fly sits. The best part about its was the gas attendant trying to explain where the bathrooms were. The only thing we could understand from him was Coke truck and him pointing outside. I thought we were back in the Appalachian again.




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