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Snow to sand and back again

We left this a week ago….


To experience this….


All to return to more of this….and unable to get into our driveway because the snow was too much


Life is good!!!!!

More pictures of the stuff in the middle will come later.

Day of skiing with 5th graders

Happy to hang with his dad

I got to spend last Friday with the fifth graders of Rhinelander at Ski Brule in Upper Michigan. The last time I went skiing was 13 years ago at Breckenridge CO. I had a great time with my son and his friends and only fell once. It wasn’t my fault, but you wouldn’t believe me if I told the story…

Here are couple pictures and videos.

New chicks on the way

rainbow_layers_mainI just made an order for an assortment of new chickens for this summer. This is the first time I have ordered them through the mail. I usually like to go to the store and pick them out. But since we don’t have any local spots to get them (without pre-orders) I thought why not just order them directly. So I went to Murray McMurray, which is a nationally respected place to get all things chickens.

I order 25 of their Rainbow Layer Special…from their website:

If you aren’t set on a particular breed, here is your chance to get a variety of layers that all lay well. Chickens which lay white, tinted, and brown eggs will be supplied in this beautiful assortment. At least 5 different varieties of our choice are included in Rainbow Layers from these groups of chicks: White Egg Layers, Heavy Breeds, Araucanas, and Rare and Unusual Varieties. We cannot guarantee that breeds from all groups will be included. If you’re looking for good layers and want a discount price, our Rainbow Layers will fit the bill.

They will be coming in April and we are excited to see them grow and add them to our current group of year old birds. We will of course share a few with any of our friends that wish to start their own flock.

MeatLovers Date Set

Not that the date and time has ever changed…but just in case you didn’t think it was happening!


Every Man needs Help

Punching the Mancard Front Cover

Punching the Mancard Front Cover

My new book, “Punching the Mancard: A Young Hunter’s Journey to Find Himself” has just been released and I wanted to publicly thank those that had a finger in the process. As many know, putting words on a piece of paper is easy. Doing it professionally is much harder, and that is why I endeavor to put people around me that make it what you are reading. I practice “we-publishing” with a great group of people. Here are those that pushed me on through this journey:

Christy, my hunter widow, thanks for not doing the math on the time spent hunting vs. the amount of meat harvested. Even when things don’t always make sense, you still let me give them a try! I’m honored that you always see me as the man of our house.

Amelia, Elliot, and Samuel, you continue to endure your father’s dreams and hobbies. Know that I do most everything for you.

To those that I have hunted with, talked about hunting or guns or shooting with, I say, “Thanks for all the stories!” Rick Benes, Kurt Bergstrom, Jon Berry, John Bonson,  Rod Bruyette, Brandon Carleton, Scott Craig, Jason Cordy, David Ditzler, Tom Doyle, Bernard Fehlen, Kenneth Fehlen, Leonard Fehlen, Mary Ann Fehlen, John Feske, Will Fillingham, Tim Genin, Chad Halverson, Dave Innerebner, Tim Johnson, Harland Kramer, Jon Langlois, Jim Michalski, Dennis Nordquist, Jeff Norling, Steve Osterbauer, Glenn Parmeter, Norm Peterson, Mark Priebe, William Priebe, John Ravet, Dan Roesler, Todd Saari, Chip Schoeneck, David Schoeneck, Jim Sebestyen, Sarah Thomas, Mark and Lori Toboyek, Glenn Toyboyek, Matthew Wallmow, Fran Wilcox, Justin Wilcox,  Lloyd Wilcox, and all you random people in Walmart I talk to in the hunting section.

Big thanks to Mary Ann Fehlen, Kari Eggman Massey, Helen Nordquist for reading and finding all those little errors that slipped through.

To my friend and renaissance artist, Adam Fletcher Bradley, for doing another great cover. You got this one done amongst all the other amazing projects you were doing, and I am grateful.

Kristen Driscoll, we are starting to be a great team, and I hope you have the chance to continue to make more of my stories more accessible to readers. You do way more than making sure punctuation and spelling is accurate. Thanks for always spending the extra time and not cutting it short.

Last, to my Uncle Steve, for writing the forewords to my books. You say in a few words what sometimes takes me pages. Your continued support means so much in so many ways.

Punching the Mancard is live!

Punching the Mancard Front Cover

Punching the Mancard Front Cover

Friends thanks for keeping up to date about my next story that I have just released. It is called Punching the Mancard: A Young Hunter’s Journey to Find Himself.  It was just going to be a couple paragraph introduction to a book I am working on called Nine Arrows which is written more in the fashion of Ride On.  Well I got writing and that introduction turned into a much longer story that doesn’t have the elements or flow of what Nine Arrows will be. So I thought why be hindered by what I thought it should be?  Why not just write a good story? That is what I endeavored to do in this story of growing up in Wisconsin.

If you what to read the book jacket description check out this blog.

You can buy a Kindle ebook version or paperback at these links.  If you are an Amazon Prime member you can borrow the book for free and also get free shipping on the paperback. As an added bonus if you buy the paperback you can purchase the ebook for $.99 afterwards.  Wow the deals are just flowing.

Thanks for all the support and I hope you enjoy journey.


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