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Ride On numbers : A Year Anniversary

Ride On Book CoverThis last weekend we celebrated the year anniversary of Ride On getting published! We actually didn’t do much at all. No cake or balloons. I just looked up how much we have in circulation on Amazon and smiled. My goal for the amount of books I would actually sell in the first year was 365. I also thought I would give out for free around 1000.

Well those numbers were blown over because we hit 8310 book in circulation. We sold 1354 and gave away 7093 copies.  I won’t be buying a condo in Cancun with my royalties but it gave me hope to keep writing!

Here are a couple other numbers that Amazon keeps on authors..

Highest Amazon Author Rank : This is in relation to other authors and counts all their books.
Paper & Kindle : 18,604
All kindle books: 9401
All kindle religious books: 917

Highest Amazon Sales Rank (tallied daily)
Kindle sales (out of one million) : 11,084
Kindle Free: 43
Paperback sales (out of eight million): 37,544

Thanks for the great year.  I won’t be posting my numbers much more in the future. I did these month updates for fellow authors to have an idea of what might take place.

$.99 sale on kindle book coming soon

bestSellerSoloIn one month my first book, Ride On, will be a year old. I have been absolutely shocked at how many books are in circulation and the amazing feedback I have gotten thus far. To say thank you to everyone that has supported me and maybe encourage some that haven’t taken the ride yet I will be discounting my Kindle E-book November 24-30. For a couple of days it will be a part of a Kindle Countdown Deal. It will sell for $.99 and towards the end of the sale it will be $1.99 as it works it way back to the normal price of $2.99.  During the sale, there will be a countdown clock on the site to let you know when the price will be changing.

After the year anniversary I will not be posting my sales figures monthly any more. More infrequently updates will be given. Many authors have thanked me for my transparency about this part of writing…sales. If you are looking to write a book and want to know my experiences I will be more than happy to share everything I can. As I have shown, you write because you can’t see yourself not putting words on a page. You don’t write because of the grand amounts of money or fame you could possible obtain (I have gotten neither).

October Circulation for independent book, Ride ON

wpid-IMG_20130415_145723_305.jpgGoing to be sharing for a couple more month how my book sales are going. I am coming up on a year of Ride on being in circulation.  Really happy how it is all going. Way beyond my expectations for distribution.

I am really grateful for each of you that have help promote my first offering. Looking forward to sharing with you my next book, “Punching the Mancard”. It is a story of a young man who doesn’t become a full card-carrying man until he steps back into the woods to finish what he started 25 years earlier.

Also look out for and tell your friends about my Thanksgiving sale of the Kindle version of Ride On. The week of Thanksgiving I will be selling it for $.99.

Her is my distribution for the month of October with the total amounts in parenthesis…

Amazon Paperback: 8 (136)
Kindle Ebook: 65 (515)
Kindle Borrowed: 5 (91)
Kindle Free Giveaway: 0 (6867)
Paperback Personally Sold: 0 (274)
Paperback Free Giveaway: 6 (214)
Books in circulation 85 (8097)

Newswatch 12 book interview

morning crewI had the honor of doing a live in studio interview about my motorcycle book, Ride On, at our local NBC news channel. It was slated for 6:25am and I was invited to come a few minutes early and I wanted to see how the inside of a news program works so I did just that. I poked my head up to the window of the control room and watched for a bit then walked the hall to the studio.

After getting the ‘all clear’ sign from Hayley to come in and watch the broadcast I entered and had a seat.  What a cool experience to see the cameras, back drops, green screens, the cut in and outs, and the random comments and dance moves made by the anchors while not on screen.  I am pretty sure I would watch the news more if there was a studio camera option

The weather guy, Ryan, I met a year ago as he was at the our church donating blood for the first time and doing live feeds for the evening news. His camera man needed to head back to the studio so I got to do some video work on that piece. I am sure it is up for some news awards. He of course remembered me when I said, “hey blood donating buddy!”

Hayley and the gang do a great job producing a legitimately awesome morning news program. Today Show…what’s that? I had fun for my two minutes and 22 seconds. I have always liked it when the clock shows the same numbers, so I will take my 2:22 as a good sign!

Got to also meet Lauren who is super cool. On my way out I noticed a huge trophy on her desk. Which is passed around to the workers who do extraordinary work. It was for her competitive edge and determination she showed at the local mash potato eating contest several weeks. The competition was so amazing no one has even come close to doing anything as grand to get the trophy off her desk.

Ok enough of my yapping…here is the video. And for those that see me live on a regular basis I think you will be shocked to noticed where my hands are most of the time. It was hard but I did it.

September Book Sales..Ride On

10 copies where given to support a breast cancer fundraiser my MA was involved with..These ladies need a motorcycle.

10 copies were given to support a breast cancer fundraiser my MA was involved with..These ladies need a motorcycle.

Going to be sharing for a couple more month how my book sales are going. I wanted to give aspiring self published authors an open view into my sales for them to have a bench mark. Most authors don’t share this information for various reason but I got nothing to hide and nothing to brag about. Just a few books out the door. I am really grateful for each of you that have help promote my first offering.

Here are the books I have in distribution for the month of September with the total amount in parenthesis…

Amazon Paperback: 3 (128)
Kindle Ebook: 56 (449)
Kindle Borrowed: 13 (86)
Kindle Free Giveaway: 0 (6867)
Paperback Personally Sold: 0 (274)
Paperback Free Giveaway: 10 (208)
Books in circulation 82 (8012)

TV interview for my book…Ride On

hayleyI am excited to share that I will be a part of the morning news at our local NBC station (WJFW). Hayley Tenpas does in-studio spotlights on local authors (and other cool people) and wanted to have me stop in for a bit to talk about Ride On.

So tune your rabbit ears in October 8 at 6:20am and check it out. Hopefully I will also get a copy of the video to share with you non locals. Now I need to decide if I should shave and get a hair cut.



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