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My Mom gets Patched In

As most of you know my mother passed away earlier this year. This last week I received a small package in the mail and it had five patches enclosed with a nice handwritten letter from Pam Reeves. Mark and Pam Reeves are chaplains for a couple Harley Owner Groups (HOG) the north of Seattle and the originators of the motorcycle blessing rally in Stanwood WA that I would attend. My mom loved that bike blessing every year.

Pam wrote, “Eileen often told me that she was a biker chic at heart She loved bikers just like everybody else. She loved to wear her leather vest to fit in at the blessing. When she went to be with Jesus I knew I had to have a bike memorial patch made for her.”

Receiving a patch in the motorcycle community is one of the highest of honors. Thanks Mark and Pam!

Messy: God likes it that way (free book give away)

I recently got to hang with Author and Pastor A.J. Swoboda down in Phoenix. I had yet to ever meet him before and saw him sitting at the local Starbucks. Not to be detoured I just sat down and introduced myself and we had a grand time talking about writing and his book. We would several other times that week chat and also take the tram to the airport together.

I received his e-book free from his publisher and read it on the trip. I really enjoyed his topics and thought processes to come to a more messy understanding of Biblical truths.  His chapter titled, My Old Man’s Drunk Again : Messy Family, will sure to be a winner with many.

Here is the description of the book:

Christianity is messy. Unanswered prayers. Painful choices. Unresolved regrets. We’re called to have faith, and yet we doubt. We try to be perfect, but we fall short. This is the chaos. It’s all around us. There’s no limit to it. And there’s no quick fix for it. Both annoyingly honest and refreshingly humorous, Messyreassures Christians that God can reveal Himself in their clutter. Author, writer, and pastor A.J. Swoboda offers biblical insight and vivid, personal stories to redefine faith from something that must be perfect to something that is imperfect, but can still give beauty, meaning, and purpose to a messy life. As entertaining as it is challenging, this book teaches Christians what it means to trust in each other, in grace, in hope, and in a Savior who defied the rules of death. Here’s to finding hope in your chaos.

While I was with A.J. I got a couple signed copies of his book and I would love to share them with you. All you need to do to enter is comment on this particular page. Say hi. Make a statement. Whatever you feel like doing. Just make sure your name is present. I will take the names and do a random drawing soon to find the winner. All winners will be contacted for your address.  I want you to have this so much that I will pay for the shipping.

If you want to say thanks to me, sign up to receive updates from our family blog. Pop your email in the upper ride side of the page and I will send you a confirmation email to sign up.  As my book will be coming out this is where I will promote and want to make sure you got all the information.  If you want to say thanks to A.J., buy his book here.

Red Rock Chapel in the Hill

While we were in Sedona we stopped off at the Chapel in the Hill. It is a Catholic Church built right into the Red Rock Mountain. We got there right when it opened and were sharing the space with a Baptist Church tour group from Georgia. These guys of course could not obtain from talking as the signs suggested.  While I was sitting in silence they broke out in a rousing choirs of ‘To God be the Glory’.  I had to join in which was to the delight of the ladies. (they said they have been missing a good bass voice on the trip)

If you are in Sedona check this place out as it has the best views of the mountains and lots of natural vegetation. If there are no tour groups it might also prove to be a nice place of quiet.

Can’t View Video? Link Here.

Red Rocks and open skies

We spent a couple days outside of Sedona AZ. This was our launching spot for our trip to the canyon and other local sites. This part of the nation has a small spot where there are red rock mountains. These are all very fascinating and many different colors reflect as the sun moves. The town of Sedona is your classic tourist town with shops and places to eat. Christy and I spent most of one day just sitting at a local coffee shop that over looked a stream and had the mountains in the backdrop. We were under shade because is was a sunny 98degrees. Dry heat of course.

Can’t View Video? Link Here.

Great Big Ditch Tour : Grand Canyon

We had no idea what we were going to experience while visiting the Grand Canyon. I kind of expected to look at it and then just go home.  When we arrived we checked out the visitor center and watched a video. We thought it was really funny that they could tell us how the canyon was formed 2.5 billion years ago with such great detail but were a bit sketchy about when the indigenous people arrived just a couple thousand years ago.  Either way the canyon is quite a marvel of God’s handiwork.

We checked out the main view-point behind the center then walked about a mile west along the sidewalk. We then caught the bus back to our car and went on our own tour. We rode all the way to the East entrances of the park to the desert tower and those were some of our favorite views. After leaving the park in different way from where we entered we worked our way down to Historic Flagstaff for dinner. They were having their monthly art walk. It was a fun night of watching people and hearing great music.

Can’t View Video?  Link Here

Radiator Springs : Williams AZ

On our way to the Grand Canyon we stopped off at Williams AZ. This is said to be the last town on Route 66 that got bypassed by the Interstate Highway in 1984.  We didn’t plan on checking it out but felt led to stop. It was a great little town that we are told the creators of cars checked out to get some ideas for Radiator Springs.  We got some chicken at Safeway and head out on our way to the Canyon.


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