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CB360 : Motor out

Well that was trickier than I thought it should be, but my youngest and I got the motor out.  We are still not sure this motor will work or not.  When I got the carborator off a good amount of old gas exited on the floor. The whole garage and into the house has a nice smell now.
What I have learned thus far is that you should invest in a nice set of tools.  I have already busted three pieces of my new set of $10 sockets. Cheap in tools means just that, cheap.



CB 360 tear down commences

Started to get serious about the tear down of our 1974 Honda cb360. With the kids helping we have screws and parts everywhere.  Here are some shots of the battery cavity and the air filters. 



Family going to Guatemala

Greetings from The FehlenFive,

What a year it has been!! It is hard to believe it has been eight months since we made the big move back to Wisconsin. The journey has been surreal with God’s faithfulness never ceasing to amaze us. Whether serving  Jesus locally or overseas, God has called us to express His Truth both in word and deed. As many of you are aware, our family has a strong love for foreign missions and this summer we are crossing the border again.

Three of the FehlenFive have a unique opportunity to take part in a short term missions experience to Guatemala, July 23 through August 4, 2012. Our team of ten will be ministering with two of our church’s missionary families, Brennan & MariaJose Doyle and Gerson & Ami Gutierrez, in and around Guatemala City. We will be focusing our time working with inner city children as well as supporting several families in the country side.

Here is just a taste of how God has prompted each of us to be a part of this team.

Amelia (14): I went on my first out of country mission trip to Mexico when I was ten years old. It was there that I learned that I really like to serve other people. This is the reason I would like to go on this trip to Guatemala to serve other people. Serving other people will be so much more fulfilling then if I spent those weeks at home floating in the water. I am really excited for this trip.

Elliot (12): Ever since I moved to Wisconsin I have felt God’s presence in the quiet and peace of the small town. After two weeks of being in Wisconsin I went to camp and God told me that he had a special purpose for even me. A few weeks later Brennan and MariaJose came to the church and talked about missions in Guatemala. I later found out that our church was heading down to Guatemala this summer. I prayed and God told me that this was the reason he was taking me through all the changes this last year. I know that time is always short and that now is a great time for missions.

Christy (37): As I continue to process the loss of my Mother-in-law I am reminded that our days are numbered. I want to continue to serve Jesus with all that is within me and to make every day count. I am so thankful to be on a team with others who are passionate about Jesus and serving His people through outreach.

The total expense is $1,500 per person ($4500 total for our family), which includes travel, ground transportation, lodging, supplies and food. In order to help cover our team’s financial costs, would you ask the Lord if you could join us in this ministry overseas by doing the following:

First, please pray for us that these needs would be met for the whole team and we have a fruitful trip.

Secondly, if you feel led by the Lord to help us financially, we would be greatly blessed. Please send a check to Grace Foursquare Church, C/O Joseph P.O. Box 333, Rhinelander, Wisconsin, 54501. Put “Guatemala Trip” in the memo line. We are looking to have all our resources in by the first part of June.

Thank-you for partnering with us to touch the world. Check out any updates about this trip or other random stuff about us here on our website.

Serving Together,

The FehlenFive

MeatLovers Fest

Save the date and pass this on to your friends.  Franchising opportunities are open for this year.

Call : A poem for mom

I had the seeds of this poem in my head while driving the 26 hours with my family across the country to see my mom before she passed.  Took some time with my friend Michael and me sitting in her chair, but I have written my first poem. Those from high school don’t count.

Mom always said to us when we left their house, “Call us when you get home safely”.


On a porch
Somewhere East of Eden
Sits an empty chair.
And Mother,
though only passing through
for a visit,
I am so grateful you once sat there.
But you have gone now
And though I wish you would call
To say you made it home
Something in the way you lived your life
Tells me you have arrived safely.

My Mom’s Obituary (Eileen Fehlen)

I finished my mothers obituary yesterday. As most of you know I like to write, but this genre of literature is not going to be in my top list. It is part technically and part informational with a splash of inspiration. Anyway you slice it, it was my mom.

Eileen (Pie) Marie Fehlen went home to be with Jesus her Lord the evening of, Tuesday, February 28, 2012. Her husband Bernie, two sons John and Joseph, two daughter-in-laws Denise and Christy and her seven grandchildren, Jordan, Joshua, Amelia, Anna, Elliot, Isaac, and Samuel were all present. She passed away suddenly from a ruptured brain aneurism.

Eileen was born February 23, 1951 and raised her family in Osceola, WI until her and Bernie moved to Wyoming, MN in 1997. Bernie and Eileen moved to Stanwood, WA in 2005 to be closer to their kids and grandkids.

In Washington she worked at her church where she was ordained as a pastor. Eileen has also been actively involved in the community working with homeless, free medical clinic, foster kids, as well as caring for local pastors. A local clothing ministry she spearheaded is scheduled to open this month.

If it was in the garden, behind the wheel of her convertible, at the table with family or talking to a complete stranger, Eileen experienced her life to the fullest. Many can attest to the fact that she impacted their life in a substantially deep way.

Eileen is survived by her husband, two sons, seven grandkids as well has her five brothers. She was preceded in death by her father and mother, Marjorie Ann and John Raymond Osterbauer.

Two memorial services are schedules. Saturday, March 3, 10am at New Life Foursquare in Everett WA ( & Monday, March 12, 6pm at Maranatha Assembly of God in Forest Lake MN (  A memorial fund has been established that will help fund two of her passions, foster children and the Safe Harbor Free Medical Clinic. Donations and condolences can be sent to Stanwood Foursquare Church (c/o Eileen) PO Box 183 Stanwood WA 98292.


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