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Trip to the otherside

Since we have moved to Wisconsin we have been planning a trip to the other side (the west side).  I grew up on the Minnesota border and we spent the first years of our marriage in Minneapolis. We wanted to share with the kids the place where I grew up.  So we spent some time at our college, the Mall of America, drove by the first home we bought, by the places where my grandparents are buried, some of the places I used to mow lawns, the coolest used bookstore in the world, the schools I attended, the waterfall I would run under, and even the village pizzeria.  It was a great couple of days minus that part when we realized our favorite ice cream shop was closed for the winter.

Halloween 2011

Halloween is always a fun time of the year for our family.  We love to meet our neighbors and walk around. This year would be different because we don’t have that many neighbors and we would be out-of-town anyway for the 31st.  But not to be detoured we took part in the Hallelujah party we had the Wednesday night before hand at our church.  100′s of people came out for games and candy and most of them weren’t party poopers like some and actually dressed up.



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