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This summer we spent lots of time fishing our bay. Off the dock or from the canoe it didn’t matter. We caught lots of panfish and few bass.  Look forward to getting out on the ice in the winter.

First day of school 2011

Oh how time flies (insert all other appropriate phrases about how kids grow up quick you heard older people saying when you were young. They are all true).  Amelia-8th grade. Elliot-7th grade. Samuel 3rd grade.  Elliot is just a little shorter than the pictures indicate because he likes to stand on tip toes to look older than his sister.

The place where we met

We had the joy to return back to the camp where Christy and I had met.  Crescent Lake Bible Camp is where we would have our Northern Wisconsin kids camp.  Well our kids had a youth activity out here on a beautiful fall evening.  We got to wander around after we dropped them off and took the long way back home reminiscing about how far we have come.


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