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Christy’s favorite spot this summer

If we were ever wondering where she went, it didn’t take us too long to figure out where she was.

Unconditional Love

This summer, I have made an intentional effort to stop and enjoy the moments that fill my day. My days have slowed down considerably since the move. I have been unable to capture in words just what this season has meant. I am keenly aware of the blessings that God has bestowed upon me. I have been pondering these blessings and cherishing them in my heart. Time spent with old friends and family, a lake in which I look out multiple times a day, deer running through my yard, time to write and study God’s Word. Watching my children discover new things about themselves and the world around them. A husband who loves me to pieces.
It strikes me that when I stop to take in all that is around me that God’s faithfulness is so strong in my life. God’s faithfulness is always present yet this summer God has revealed himself to me in places and ways I was not expecting. It has been in a place of rest and peace.
Yesterday, I was in the shower and I heard a knock on the door. It was Samuel. I asked him if he needed something or if it was an emergency. His answer, no not at all Mom, I was just stopping by to say I love you.
Take time today to delight in the blessings that God has bestowed upon you. The surprise moments when you know he is whispering, I love you and just felt like you should know. May you find strength and healing in the still waters of his presence.

Pitiful Prayers, Lack of Faith and Fire

A desperate father had tried all he could do for his son.  The son was plagued  by physical and emotions disorders, He was harmful to himself and others.  Emotional outbursts and seizures restricted his every move.  This Dad was worn out.  His time consumed with the needs of his son, yet He couldn’t meet those needs. He couldn’t even keep his son safe.  He had prayed and asked others to pray yet deliverance escaped them. He was heart broken and weary.  Mark 8:14-29.

As a last ditch effort he pleads his case to this man called Jesus.  He didn’t ask to be made rich or that all of his dreams would come true.  His prayer was actually pretty lame.  No fancy dialogue, just what was on his heart.  Please keep my son from harming himself.  If you would do this, that would be really great.  He blurted out his most desperate need, complete with a disclaimer.  If, if, if you would do this.

I can absolutely relate to this approach.  When I pray, I often give God a disclaimer.  It sounds a bit like this, okay, God we have been through this before, you know the story but IF you see fit will you fix this.  Sometimes when we pray for things for a long time that sense of expectancy and belief begins to drift.  I know that often God does answer our prayers in ways we would rather He not.  A closed door is often an answer, but their is more to this story.

Listen to Jesus’ response to the father, “If you can! All things are possible for the one who believes.”  It is almost as if the Son of God’s response is DUH, I have this covered. The father responds with, I do believe, I just forgot for a little bit, help me to believe more.

Lately I have been pondering prayer and faith.  Faith means being sure of the things we hope for and knowing that something is real even if we do not see it.  Hebrews 11:1   This discipline is a daily act.  Forgive my unbelief and help me believe more.  You may not have seen the Christ, but still you love him.  You can not see him now, but you believe  in him.  So you are filled with a joy that can not be explained, a joy full of glory.  1 Peter 1:8

The disciples questioned Jesus privately.  They were a confused.  Look we tried to help this man, but were unsuccessful so what gives?  Why couldn’t we make this happen on our own.  Jesus answered, “That kind of spirit can only be forced out by prayer.”   Faith accompanied by prayer.  Jesus knows our needs before we think or ask them and he also understands our doubts and fears.

Maybe today finds you lacking in the faith and your prayers seem rather pitiful.  If so be encouraged to pray honestly and with expectancy.  Maybe change your prayer from IF to SINCE.  Since we know that God you are capable of intervening in this situation we wait expecting your answer.

Motorcycle Repair Diary #3

Gas Tank Off and seat up

Next on the list was to get the gas tank cleaned out. Because we don’t have the key and the cap is locked I had to disconnect the tank from underneath. The tank is only connected to the bike via the exit valve on the bottom and the seat holds it down on the top.
I unscrewed the whole mechanism from the tank and immediately gas started to run out the bottom. and it was black and sludge ridden.  I emptied as much as I could in a milk jug as I swished the remaining gas around in the tank.  I will need to get the cap release to flush it out more.

The valve that is inside the tank. It was pretty sludge ridden.

gas tank off until we can find a key and clean the tank out.

Motorcycle Repair Diary #2

Elliot taking off the back seat

Alright we got it home and off the truck and it is one beautiful motorcycle. That is if you like moss on your seat, pine needles everywhere, frozen front break, engine that doesn’t turn over, foot shifter missing, back wheel locked up, flat and a bit dried out tires, gas that has been sitting in the tank for 10 years, back rest that is falling off, windshield broken, mirrors missing, rusted roll bar and tire rims, battery that is dead, spark plugs gunked up, throttle that stuck and missing side engine cap.  Oh yes we also don’t have a key or a title!

Do you think that will detour us?  Well yes it will, but we are determined to get this beast on the road.  First things first we gave it a good cleaning. It had a nice dried out back pack still strapped to the seat that we removed along with the back rest, mirrors, and windshield.  The boys took a long time washing it, taking out the pine needles and using sos pads to rub off the rust on the roll bar.

It is looking real nice. If you think a piece of unusable metal in a garage looks nice.


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