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Motorcycle Repair Diary #1

There was a six foot pine tree growing up behind the muffler

Sit back and relax as I let you in on a story that will be developed over the coming year.  This is a motorcycle that was once owned by my father in law Bill Priebe in the early 80′s.  Christy and her sister remember riding on the back of this 1974 Honda Cb360 with their father on sunny afternoon.  He was to completely rebuild the engine and do several modifications on it before it exchanging hands several times over the next almost 30 years.

Last winter he spotted the bike in the back yard of a former work colleague and inquired about it because he had one just like it.  Wouldn’t you know, it was the same exact bike.  The story is still vague, because Bill can’t tell stories without laughing and going down some rabbit trail.  The friend told him last winter that he could have it back.

He also made the mistake of letting me and the kids know about his new-found treasure.  I am not sure he really wanted the ride back but on a pleasant valley Sunday Mark (my brother-in-law) went by the house and picked it up.  It was buried in about a foot of pine needles and both wheels were completely locked up so movement was fairly hard.  It being 95 degrees and me still in my Sunday church clothes did not help any.

Like a trophy deer on the wall so was this bike in the truck

The goal is to get the motorcycle back up and running by next spring.  We could bring it into the shop and have it done much quicker, but there is no fun in that.  With Bill as the foreman and Mark, myself and my boys as the worker bees we have it in my garage to see what we can make of it.

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Move to Wisconsin

As you know we left Washington at the end of June and headed back home to Wisconsin. Christy and the kids took the easy way and flew. My friend Chuck and I took the long, but funner way of traversing the states.  Here are few pictures of our journey.


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