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Chickens are out

When we got home from Wisconsin we started to let our chickens out into the run for the day. We are growing a four of them for a friend so the hen-house is a bit small for them now that they are bigger. They have been loving it outside.  Eating food out of our hand is still a favorite past time.   

cool things about chickens is that they go to sleep at night without you telling them.  The fist night they were in the run they started to next down on the ground so I got in the pen and helped them to go up the run. The second night the white Amerucana tried to round them up the steps and one didn’t want to go. I help her up via the outside door. This was a mistake, because the next night she was clueless of what to do.  So I got inside the cage and put her in the right door.  

Now like clockwork I go outside at 9pm and they are already inside the house waiting for my to close the door to the run. One night I was out late and wondering if they would stay in the house with the door open or not. I got home at 10 and they were asleep.  Good chicks!  


This whiter one is ring leader


July Garden Update

I am getting back in the groove of my garden now that I am back from Wisconsin. The weather hasn’t been the best for my plants, but still getting some nice good stuff.  Been eating a fresh garden salad every day..

just a bit smaller than my fist


pepper hot house post picking..another 100 or so left.

the strings system is working great.


I am thinning small carrots for salads and letting others grow bigger


Check out the cabbage growing on the inside.



Hot Peppers Harvest

My pepper hot house has been a great success. I have been grabbing peppers every day for salads and other dishes. It was time however to make a big harvest. 55 peppers were pulled out and hundreds are right on their heels.  I will be cutting these and freezing them to us in my salsa if my tomatoes ever catch up.

peppers with bowl of lettuce in the back


55 peppers harvested in one pick


Note to self... get some gloves when you cut this many peppers again


Wordless Weekend

I will destroy the animal that is doing this to my yard.

Amtrak Home


Here are some shots from our way home. The customer service on the train the way back was great.  We got all the hot water and ice we could have wanted!

The train is right next to the water..if we leaned we could have tipped it in



Sun setting over the Mississippi



Midnight Mpls visit from our bestest friend Sharon


some spots in Glacier Park

Wisconsin recap

We had a great time in Wisconsin. The weather was great and the company was perfect.  We got to swim in like 8 different lakes while we were there and even got to be in a real thunderstorm.  Here are a few shots of the fun. 


Kids caught a Hodag..



Papa Bill built a fort and did lots of cool stuff with the boys


Niece Hope got in the middle of a sister's scrabble game.



Hodag catching Elliot


Christy and her sister Julie seconds from falling off


Pontoon ride with the Santy's on Lake George


the girls at a fish boil party.


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