Oregano and Radishes

I just cut a bunch of oregano the other day and took the leaves off the stem and cut it up. I then lay them flat on a paper towel that is on a baking sheet and cover with another paper towel.  Let it lay out for a week or so and then cut it up as small as you wish. This then works great in sauces.  

As I was cutting the herbs my wife cleaned and cut up a few radishes for a salad. Had to take a picture of those also because they were so bright! 


oregano stemmed and cut up


the color is so bright and clear



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2 responses to “Oregano and Radishes”

  1. Brenda Kouyoumdjian says :

    Your oregano looks great. Did you need to dry it in the oven, or just out, say, on a counter top?

    • joseph says :

      Brenda I dried it on a cookie sheet pan with paper towel above and below it. had it up high out of reach. a week later i cut it and put it in my oregeno shacker..

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