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Give Me Jesus

My creative writing teacher in high school made us write non-stop for ten minutes straight.  He said if nothing comes to mind just keep writing the same word and then something will pop into your head.  I have been trying to think of something profound to blog about but everyday  just seems ordinary. The only word I can think of to write is Jesus.   In essence everything I do is filtered around pleasing and honoring Him.  The ordinariness of my day, the mundane and of course the really exciting parts also ,  are an offering to my Jesus.  At least that is my goal.

I have had a great couple of weeks.  Learning good stuff, celebrating milestones with family and friends.  Attending a mentor workshop aimed at intentional community. I have spend meaningful time with people one on one.   All things I love yet I still feel  like something is missing.   Maybe I am on information overload?  Or maybe it is the responsibility of being a wife, mother, pastor etc….. That just gets to me at times.  

The core of who I am is empty  and depleted when my heart is not in the right place.  I don’t do well with being overly  busy.  When the needs of others pile up and I carry them upon myself.  I find myself crying out, HELP, I need Jesus.    So as basic as it sounds, Jesus is my everything.   Fernando Ortega sings the song, Give me Jesus.  When my head is spinning and my worlds can’t seem to balance out, this is the song that first comes to mind. 

In the morning, when I rise, give me Jesus, give me Jesus, You can have all this world, But give me Jesus. When I am alone, When I am Alone, When I am Alone,  Give me Jesus and When I come to die, When I come to die, When I come to die, Give me Jesus. 

 So I may not have much in words to offer….just Jesus.  Really  the spinning in my head and the responsibilities that overwhelm me, this is the only answer.  And it is the one thing in my life that I think one of these times I will just clue in and it will come naturally.  The hunger and desire are often overpowered by my circumstances.  Yet it is simple….everything points back to….JUST GIVE ME JESUS.

Wordless Weekend

Not too early to dream : May 29th

Battle of the Hot House :Round 1

So after the big windstorm last week we are going to call round one of the ‘Battle of the Hot House’ a draw with a slight edge to wood frame.  No structural damage took place on either.  But none of the plastic remained stapled on both models.  Since there was hard plastic on the wood frame and that remained I give the wood frame the advantage thus far.  Any Ideas?

Competitor #2 in the battle of the Hot House

So it is kind of like the Iron Chef’s in Kitchen Stadium.  The challenger Hot House is a more conventional one.  I got 4 ten foot 3/4 inch PVC pipe for $.68 apiece and one ten foot pole at an inch.  We cut the inch pole in foot long section and buried them in the ground about 2 inches below the top of the bed. Make sure you actually dig a hole first otherwise you will just fill your pipe with dirt and will not be able to insert the smaller pipe.  We spaced them at 32 inches apart.

With the inch in diameter in the ground we put one end of the 3/4 diameter pipe into one side and slowly bent it into the other side.  They should be pretty firm. If not check that the ground around the base is packed hard.  We then took some 6mil plastic and draped it over the top.  The ends of the plastic were stapled to the wood.   I have the ends open on this one currently with black trash bags over the soil to warm the dirt.

DO NOT try to staple the plastic to the pvc pipe.  The tension on the pipe is too much that the staple can (and did for us) shatter the plastic.  We had a nice explosion and had to get another 10 foot pipe. 

Which one will survive the best?  Well a nice wind storm hit the area the next day so we got immediate results to which one will hold up. But that is for another day…

Tomatoes on TV

Well I haven’t been listening to my gardening mentor, or she hasn’t been speaking loudly enough to get through my thick skull. I started my little cherry tomatoes a month or so early and now they are really big. Since it is too early to bring outside (even I know that) I have had to take them out of my window box and put them into bigger containers.  Now they are looking really nice on top of my tv. 

I understand that gardening has been around for thousands of years and there are tried and true ways of doing things. But I am just dumb enough to think I can ignore years of wisdom and do it my own way.  I think I might pay for this one.  I also put my Brussels Sprouts a bit too early before they were hardened off.  I might regret that also. 


Competitor #1 : Battle of the Hot House

No this isn’t some crazy new reality show…just some good clean family fun. Since I am accessorizing the garden this year I thought a few hot houses should be added for my peppers, tomatoes and egg-plant.  So with a few ideas and scraps lying around the house I built one. 

I made two frames for each side of the raised beds. I made some 45degree cross beams to connect them. The eight was to match the clear hard plastic sheets I was going to use. After a stain job and cutting the plastic to the right length we were ready to bring them outside to assemble.
With the kids as subcontractors we put up both sides to the proper height and leveled them off. For the top plastic make sure you drill holes in the low spots so you don’t get a lot of sitting water. We then installed the hard plastic on the top and one side.  The other side as well as the front and back we put 6mil plastic so we could get in and out when needed and provide airflow for pollination. 

This box we plan on using for our peppers because they won’t get too high and it is more permanent.  We also did a tunnel one with pvc pipe that I will show you tomorrow.


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