Hot House : A work in progress

These two green houses have been a work in progress.

I took the plastic off the pvc house and added a longer piece so that it closes the ends up.  I then stapled one side down to the bed and the other side down to three small pieces of wood. This weighs it down but also allows me to open it up to get air.  In the front I just laid a large board over the excess plastic. 

I put about 6 tomatoes plants in before I left for California. So for a week this house was completely enclosed and I created my own rain forest.  Plants like a little fresh air so those one are not doing as well as the ones I put in when I got back. I now open the front up during the day to take a bit of moisture out and allow for them to harden off.

My pepper house to the right probable gets too much air flow and not enough heat. I need close up the top a bit more, because as I learned in school…hot air rises.

The battle continues...

Tomatoes trying to make it through the ever-changing climate

hot peppers wishing it was hotter


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