2010 Compost Tour Begins

I really want to compost but for some reason I am scared of that endeavor. A bunch of garbage in your yard doesn’t seem like a nice thing.  But I know that some day I will do it because it is good for my soil and we have a great spot behind the fence. I thought I could just throw a bunch of stuff in a pile and let it turn into dirt. That of course is not how it works. 

So in the waiting time as I do research and figure out how I can not do it the way I am supposed to, I will be taking pictures of my friends compost piles and sharing them with you on the 2010 compost tour. To schedule a date in your backyard just let me know and I can come by or you can send me pictures. 

Here are some picture of my new friend down in California Emilia.  She loves to recycle and compost. She gave me an early morning tour of her backyard compost. 

classic plastic box with air holes at the bottom

Her dad does the turning duty

who says composters can't be cool?

4 responses to “2010 Compost Tour Begins”

  1. Carina says :

    You should get red worms. They help your compost process faster. MN is too cold to keep them alive out doors year round, but WA should be great. You can buy them online. They make special compost boxes to use with worms. Or you can probably find instructions online for making your own.

    • joseph says :

      Thanks Carina..worms seem to be all the rage right now. I will look into them. I will try to get a worm compost on my 2010 tour and let you know what I find.

  2. Breanna says :

    Worms really are in right now.

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